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Code Munkeez does not turn anyone away solely for their inability to pay for our services. Through the help of sponsors we can help those who might otherwise not have access to professional coaching.

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Learn from Pros

Don't waste time and money. Learn more items of importance and value. Our staff has decades of experience as software professionals. We can teach you the tricks to learning to code quickly and efficiently, while avoiding common traps and time sinks.

Create What You Imagine

Be a creator of technology, not just a user! Learn to build apps, games, and websites using the latest technologies and methodologies. Make movies, music, and eye-popping animations. Learn to make posters, T-shirts and more by creating professional grade graphics. If you can dream it, we can help you make it a reality.

Prepare for the Future - Change Your Life

Coding is a life skill you can use no matter what you do or where you go in life. It sets you apart from the pack, and gives you advantages in school and in the working world. People who know how to code are in high-demand globally, and are usually in the top 10% of earners. Not to mention, it's fun. Why not make more money doing something you love?


Meet Our Executive Team



Chris Jordan has spent over 20 years in the software industry as a developer, tester, product manager, architect, and project manager. He founded Code Munkeez because he believes coding is one of the basic skills necessary to become successful in the 21st century.



Lindsay has worked as a software developer, mathematician, analyst, and tester for over 10 years. Lindsay is also a proud veteran, having served 6 years in U.S. Army Intelligence. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Math and a Master's Degree in Business.

John Lujan

Director, Programs and Training

John has worked in the fields of education and training for 25 years. He holds a BA and MA in English and an MS in Education, with a concentration in online learning and training. John is also an adjunct professor of English at TMCC. He is passionate about leveraging technology to help others excel and better their lives.

The Code Munkeez Story

Our Mission

Code Munkeez was set up with one purpose in mind: To teach people to code so that they could be more successful in their carreers and academics.

Our primary focus is to help foster the fascination for technology in our kids by surrounding them with like-minded peers, and teaching them how to use applications and to design, code, and deploy software.

We recognize that adults also benefit from this type of training, so we have started to offer lessons for them also.

Code Munkeez is a for-profit business and does seek payments for their services but never turns someone away solely for their inability to pay.

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  •   748 South Meadows Drive
    Suite A9-208
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Over the next 10 years there will be over a million programming and technical jobs that remain unfilled because workers won't have the skills to qualify for them. These types of jobs have starting salaries that dwarf the national average. No sector of the economy has remained untouched by computers and technology and for workers to remain competitive they need to develop coding skills.

Our founder often says that coding is easy. It isn't rocket science or brain surgery... but it is what builds the tools and applications that rocket scientists and brain surgeons need to do their job.

There are plenty of free resources to learn to code, so why do I need Code Munkeez? The answer is pretty simple. You can learn the violin, or how to play basketball by watching videos online and practicing, but to do it well usually requires an experienced mentor.

Call it what you want: a mentor, coach, or instructor; they help reinforce and expand on what is learned by explaining the underlying philosophies behind concepts, teaching alternative or related concepts, providing context and applications for what is learned and much more. To be an elite athlete or virtuoso musician without this type of instruction is possible, but it is much more likely to be achieved with the benefits of professional instruction and coaching. This is what Code Munkeez does for programmers.

Our instructors have decades of professional experience and we want to help you become the best programmer you can be.