Group and Individual Lessons

How do I (or my child) become a Code Munkee?

Step 1: Apply

Although we’d like to, Code Munkeez doesn’t train just anyone who walks through our door,  Our resources and time are limited and we want to ensure that the clients we accept will become successful learning to code.  We do not discriminate on the basis of family income, race, creed, gender, sexual orientation or gender identification, handicap, or any other protected class. We provide payment assistance for those who are unable to pay  What we are looking for are individuals who genuinely want to learn and are going to dedicate effort to becoming proficient.

Step 2: Interview

All prospective Code Munkees are interviewed to ensure that they have an interest in and are committed and excited to learn to code.  We want an opportunity to set expectations for our students and establish some rapport prior to accepting the student.

Step 3: Start Learning and Have Fun

This step is easy!  Group classes are held twice per week, with 4-12 students and topics vary from week to week. Individual lessons are customized to the client in both content and schedule.