Lindsay Spencer

Lindsay Spencer


Lindsay has worked as a software developer, mathematician, analyst, and tester for over 8 years. Before that, she served 5+ years in U.S. Army’s Military Intelligence, three of those stationed in Germany with one tour in Kosovo.

She is passionate about Code Munkeez because she believes that anyone can learn the skills necessary to be a good programmer and wants to pass on her knowledge to the next generation.

The words computer programming weren’t even in my vocabulary until my junior year of college. I was a Math major, but didn’t know what I wanted to do with that. It required a minor, so I choose Accounting. During my accounting course I was also obligated to take two Information Systems classes. In those, I learned about computers and Office programs and discovered that I loved to program, or as we say at Code Munkeez: “speak computer.”

As a result, I added an Information Systems minor to my degree opening up the world of software engineering. I took every programming class that my college offered and a few outside of that.

After I graduated, I realized that even with all the coding education I received, I wasn’t well-prepared for programming in a professional setting. There was so much to learn to just start working in “the real world.”

That is where Code Munkeez comes in. We will not only help you master you programming languages, but we give you the benefits of hard-earned experience in the every-day aspects of programming too.

Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Arts in Math and a Master of Science in Information Systems from the University of Nevada, Reno, and has a wonderful husband and three awesome boys.  When she’s not hard at work at Code Munkeez, she loves whitewater rafting and kayaking, hiking, biking, stand-up paddle boarding, and camping.